Toothbrushing and Shortcuts!

I was in Apple Health this morning, and saw that there is a place for toothbrushing data! Just for fun, I made a shortcut which would note the time the shortcut triggered. prompt the user, and note the time the prompt was acknowledged.

All was well, then I just had to write the data to apple health.

Tragedy! I can log my Electrodermal Activity and Biotin (whatever they are), but Shortcuts doesn’t know about teeth.

Nothing really vital… just chatting. Anyway, how’s your day been?

I noticed that as well and tried to use either Shortcuts or a 3rd party app to log it (why not?) but couldn’t find one that made sense.

I believe you can use an expensive toothbrush that uses Bluetooth to log into Apple Health but where’s the fun in that? :joy:

Do you still use the shortcut? Would you mind showing me how you did? I tried but I couldn’t log the info in health app

They never got it to work. Shortcuts doesn’t let you log a toothbrushing sample so it can’t be done.

Quite, as in the OP - no shortcut command to put in the data