Today View Widget Integration?

Would it be possible to add a scriptable script to Today view? Right now, I have a script that displays a WebView and it works perfectly fine in Siri and in app. I tried to add it to Today view through the Shortcuts app, but when triggering the widget, it completes but does not display anything.

Try adding a quick look action to the end of your shortcut - that seems to work for me

This doesn’t seem to show the actual UI of Scriptable for me; just the last result from my Shortcut, if any. Would you mind providing more detail on what you’re doing to make this work?

Unfortunately, the Shortcuts today widget doesn’t support displaying third party UIs inside the today view.

Scriptable doesn’t have a today widget right now. This is something I’d like to do at one point. It was scheduled for 1.0 but then came along Siri shortcuts and I spent most of my time on that instead.

I down prioritized the today view because there are several other apps with a today view that can run a script from Scriptable, eg. Shortcuts and Launch Center Pro. The limitation with those are that they can’t display the UI. Therefore I’d still like to do a today view at one point.


Any plans to add in a widget? I’d love to see a Scriptable widget that works like Pythonista’s, allowing me to dynamically present the results of a script in a widget (even if that’s limited to text).

Hi @cpac. I really want to make a today widget that lets you run script and present outputs and it’s certainly on the roadmap. But full disclosure, I have a few other projects I need to wrap up before I can get to it, one of them being a new app and one of them being another big feature for Scriptable :blush:

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Glad to hear it’s on the roadmap, even if it’s a ways down the road!