Time of day AND temperature automation

Hi. New to this forum, and relatively new to home automation. That said, I have managed to get 2 dozen Hue lights to behave with scenes, timings, and motion. Here’s my problem: I have 2 space heaters that I have setup using Hue motion detectors for their temperature function, turning the heaters on when it gets below X° and turning them off when it gets above Y° … using Meross smart outlets, but I would like them only to do that during certain hours. I know how to automate them to come on and off at fixed times. I know how to get them to turn on and off at fixed temperatures. I just don’t know how (in HomeKit) to combine those 2 parameters, so that it tracks the temperature, but only during certain hours. Is this possible using HomeKit? I don’t (as yet) have any fancy other hardware/software like Home Assistant (I think that’s what I’ve heard about, extended the control significantly, but you need a server/raspberry pi or something?). Any thoughts?? THANKS! and Happy Thanksgiving.