The version of 12 IOS for Scriptable

How can I download the 12 IOS version of Scriptable?

If you have already “bought” it, just tap Download and it will ask you if you want to download an old version.

If you are trying to “buy” it now, it won’t work, because probably Apple wants you to upgrade to the newest iOS (and iDevice). They simply could enable this, but they probably never will, to sell more devices…

I tried “buying” Jayson, but because of the same reason, I couldn’t download it…

I wrote to buy in apostrophes, because the apps are free, but the process is the same for paid ones that you have to confirm the purchase, even if the app is free.

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But I just use the basic Scriptable function.

As has been described, if you have used Scriptable on your Apple account before it should show for you. Take a look in your purchases list as for iOS12 it probably won’t list on the regular app store listing.

If you haven’t downloaded it previously, then you are out of luck.

Note that there is only one Scriptable app. Neither basic or advanced, just the Scriptable app.

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