The action could not be run with the current user interface

Hello fellow automators

I been having an issue with a shortcut.

When I run the shortcut from within the app it works fine. But when I am trying to run it from anywhere else I get this error msg(the action could not be run with the current user interface). Anyone has any ideas onto why


Thank you in advance

Maybe because shortcuts can’t access the camera from the widget.
Try adding the action Continue in Shortcuts App before the first action. This will open the shortcuts app every time you run the shortcut thus allowing you to take a photo.
If you want to return to the home screen afterwards you can use this shortcut:

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I have the same issue. I’ve given photos snd camera permissions. It runs successfully when running manually (without Siri or voice) within the Shortcuts app.

I have the same problem, the way it has been working without convincing me is to restart the iPhone works iOS 14.3 and I get the shortcut to run outside the app.
If there is any automators who has found the solution. Please tell me.