Textfile access in shortcuts broken on iPadOS

I’ve noticed since yesterday that access to .txt files is broken in Shortcuts on iPad OS
Has anyone else seen this?

Get “cannot open …txt” error message in all shortcuts that read or write from text files,

My shortcuts which are using that certain actions work like a charm. May i ask which version of IOS you are running?

I’m seeing this on 13.2

Mine are working fine. However… I have noticed that there are some Shortcuts where the connection between a Get File action and a Quick Look action has been broken/lost. Simple fix to re-add the Quick Look action to re-establish the output-input connection. The symptom of that problem when it occurs is a “cannot open…” error. Odd problem, but easily fixed.

Well, I spoke too soon. Just experienced this very problem. Though it was not isolated to Shortcuts. Direct file access via Files was not working either. I rebooted my iPad and everything is working again. — jay

I restarted my iPad and the problem went away. So thanks!

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