Template emails with date/time picker and choose from list, todays date, optional paragraphs

I made this to help me with templated emails/letters as I’ve been using them a bit recently.

Create a simple text template, and use fields to identify when you want inputted text, date/time pickers, choose from list, number entry, optional paragraphs, and number entry to create a final email/letter/note/text form etc.

It’s mostly simple, apart from a workaround to return all notes (over the 26 limit) but its quite commented so you can just take stuff out/customise it to your own way of working.

You can use markdown, and finshes as rtf.

Example Template


Dear <<Name>>,

<<Thanks for your call the other day%optional>>

I'm writing to you to meet about     
<<Choose Subject|Marketing|Sales|Purchasing>>

I was wondering if you are available to meet on <<Meeting Date%date>> 
at the time of  <<Meeting Time%time>>.

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