Syncing launch center pro between iPad and iPhone

I searched for this but wasn’t able to find anything. Is there a way to force sync actions in LCP between iPad and iPhone?

I think when I first got my iPad last year, and signed in via my iPhone backup, my actions synced. I don’t specifically remember doing it, but all the same actions were there in the same configuration (even some of the stock ones that I don’t use but never deleted). But now I’ve created some very specific action groups, and they won’t sync between devices.

Both are signed into the same dropbox account. I’ve tried to restore from a backup, and the action runs but nothing changes. Am I missing something?

There isn’t a sync feature that I’ve ever seen. Actions are assigned to positional slots which can vary based on screen size, so the sync would probably have to do some special ‘by reference’ stuff to keep a nice arrangement.

I would have expected restoring from a backup from another device to have worked to some extent; acknowledging that the layouts vary based on screen size.

You can share actions via URL, which can make it quicker to reproduce an action between devices.

I wish they’d create a real sync, but the sharing definitely does help! Thanks.

Is this app still in development?

Wasn’t the owner on a podcast recently stating that he has no development experience and is outsourcing everything? And then joined a subscription providing SaaS company?

The price tag for the lifetime license was a hefty one. A lot of promises were made (sync was amongst them) and now I’m not even sure, if it will support the next iOS version.

Currently: If there is one IAP purchase that I regret, it is this one.

I believe David is active and did mention he was going to do some refinement (whether outsourced or not*). But it’s been a few months.

* I don’t really care about outsourcing, from this point of view. It’s not much different from employing somebody or a company doing it.

It’s an app that caters for a small niche. The input interface seems outdated and a lot of Shortcuts are simply more functional. Especially with upcoming parameters and Siri intents url-schemes, what LauchCenter Pro mainly uses, are slowly being deprecated.

The difference is that an indie dev could fix bugs himself, because of his own intrinsic motivation to use the app. Whereas someone contracting someone always has in mind that he can’t do it without paying someone. As an indie you can keep a project alive just to train how to use new technologies. This is by far more difficult, if you don’t do it yourself.

I would love to be proven wrong, but I feel that looking for an alternative or just using a home screen page or folder full of Shortcuts as launchers is the way to go.