Switching devices within shortcut?

Hi Automators,

is there a way to start a shortcut on the iPhone and continue it execution on the IiPad?
This is what I want to do in my morning routine:

  • Kick off the shortcut via voice on the HomePod and having it play some music.
  • Gather the weather news and read it to me.
  • check the rss feed of y newspaper and read it the me.
  • gather my meetings from the calendar for the day and read them to me.
  • switch to iPhone and gather health data and open a new DayOne Journal entry and include health data.
  • switch to iPad and open DayOne with the entry opened generated in the step before
  • after doing some journal entry going back to shortcut and open Omnifocus with the overdue tasks and tasks of the day.
  • finish :wink:

If I know how to switch devices I can do the rest - but I cannot find any hint how to switch devices :wink:

Thanks for any help!



This is not currently possible.

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Thank you - that’s what I guessed but hoped otherwise.
I become increasingly disappointed about shortcuts so far:

  • voice commands work only every second/third time.
  • voice feedback is annoyance („shortcuts says“)
  • functional breath is very limited.
  • library management of the shortcuts is actually not existing.

Let‘s see what will be released next …

Thanks again!