SwitchBot control via macOS

Is it possible to control SwitchBot switches from macOS?

I currently have two such switches, one to control an HDMI switch I use to share a monitor between my Mac and my work PC. And another I use to power on a headless Mac mini that lives under my desk. I currently control them with my iPhone, but would like to do so via my Mac.

I’ve searched in a number of places, and have come up empty. :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Try the API.

Now that is interesting. Thank you.

And it turns out that the iOS app is available in the Mac App Store for Si Macs. Although this is not an elegant solution.

I’ll be investigating the API for sure.

Thanks again.

If you are interested in using it with Shortcuts, I made some templates a while a go to make things quicker and easier.

Send Command to SwitchBot Device

Get All SwitchBot Devices

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Cool. Thank you!

15 16 17 18 19 20 …

Created an account here solely to thank you for making these Shortcuts. Saved my day :pray:

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If you run homebridge then this is an elegant solution and would make the switchbots appear as HomeKit devices, so controllable from everywhere.