Specifying browser tabs in two *separate* windows

Hi! What recommendations do y’all have on firing up a “computing context” comprised of two browser windows (top-half, bottom-half) with certain tabs open in each?

I’ve tried solving this through Bunch, KM and some others but can’t get a reliable result. Biggest issue: even with lots of long delay commands, all tabs usually open in the last window. No issue if you want 100 URLs to open in the current browser window, of course.

One hack attempt was to open two different browsers (e.g. Safari for one set of tabs, FF for the other) but that seems to be worse because there’s an even longer delay needed for the second browser to open.

Thanks in advance!

The tools you are using sound fine.

Can you provide a suitable version of what you are using we can look at to see if we can see any issue in your approach or come up with a modification to address the issue?