Speak text in different language not possible

I like my OSses to be in English, but my interaction with Siri in Dutch. I’ve set up my phone (XS Max) like that and it works (if Siri cooperates).
I found that in Shortcuts in the action Speak Text I can select a language, but I can only select ‘English (United States)’.
Has anyone been able to select another language?

Try going to: Settings—>Siri & Search—>Language and select the Dutch language option that you would like (Belgium and Netherlands are the options that I see). Once the language has downloaded, it should appear in the list available to the Speak Text Shortcut action.

Hope this helps.

Hmm, looks like my reply went into oblivion. I already had the language set to Dutch, so assuming it’s a toggle issue, I switched to English and back to Dutch. I noticed the phone gave a message that it changed language to Dutch. But alas, no difference. I can still only select English (US) as language.

It works! I tried on my iPad (iPadOS) where the Siri & Search language was still set to English. So I changed the language to Dutch and to my surprise I could not only change the language, but also the voice. When it synced over to my iPhone it worked there too.
I wonder if it had something to do with setting different languages on iPad and iPhone.