Sorting Photos by Creation Date in Photos

Photos OSX has borked my library. All of my photos are resetting the dates to 1946. The months and days look correct, but the more than half of my library has been sorted to 1946. I would like to know of a script or action that would fix the dates based on date created exif data—even if I need additional (affordable) software (having seen EXIF TOOL mentioned elsewhere). Speaking as a student loan exile, I always prefer free though if possible :smile: ). I do have hazel and keyboard maestro.

It is hard contacting Apple because I use a US phone number, live overseas, and live in a completely different time zone.

If I cannot sort photos by date and search by dates and date ranges, this photo software is essential trash I should not have abandoned Lightroom for.

Does anyone know of a way to return the dates back to date created without starting a new library or having to exporting unmodified originals and losing my original edits in the process?

At this point, if this cannot be fixed, I am wondering if using automated folders is a better way of organizing folders. It’s bonkers that one cannot sort by date created apart from my particular problem. That seems easier to manage. Dates are critical for searching for me. I cannot find anything if everything is supposedly in 1946.