Smart Folder, inconsistency

Hi Automators,
I have a problem with OsX smart folders – and I think it is just a bug in the search capabilities of Mojave. But maybe I’m missing something…
I try to have a smart folder with the pdfs of the month one year past. So in July 2019 I want the PDFs of July 2018. It does not have to be that exact – could be the 30 days, or 15 days around the date of today last year, but I need something in that direction. So I thought I could achieve that with different nested conditions… but none work.

So its german but what it says is that I want all pdfs which were made in the last 12 month and none that were made in the last 11 month. With these conditions I just get all pdfs from the last 12 month. Even when I put a nested condition on top of those two rules which says every query should be true…

Am I missing something? Thanks for any suggestion!!

I have my suspicions about the operations on creation date.

Here’s one on my Mac using creation date (erstellungdatum).

There are obviously files appearing there that really, from the rules, I would not expect to be listed.

Here’s the same basic rule set, but using last modified date (zuletzt geändertes datum).

I don’t expect identical results, but this one is working as I’d expect.

Hence why I think it is tied to an issue with the particular date.

Based on that I took a look at what date options were available.

Note the second and third entries. It appears that “Created” is actually the creation date of the file (as shown in Finder), whereas “Created Date” is the date when the content was ‘created’ - an apparently different thing.

Therefore, when I change to use “Created” (erstellt) as the limiting parameter I get something that looks a whole lot better.

Give it a try and see if you get better results with that. I think I’m going to change my own menu options (check boxes shown in the third screenshot) to switch to listing Created over Created Date.

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Hi Sylumer,
thank you for your detailed answer! You are totally right! That works very, very well! I missed the extra created option! :smile:

I posted the question on a different (german) forum, right here:… and Olivetti helped me a great deal with a solution with shell – which actually works in spotlight and as a smart folder too!

find . -type f -mtime +2d -mtime -4d # finds between 2-4 days
find . -type f -mtime +2w -mtime -4w # finds between 2-4 weeks

I was not aware that this is possible, maybe someone who stumbles over this threat finds it useful.

You can find details of supported Spotlight search parameters in this KBA.



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Thanks for the links!
Strange that they do not mention unix or shell searches…