Siri Shortcuts for Skype for Business calls

Help! I’m super excited about the possibility of shortcuts, however I’m a novice with little to no knowledge of programming.

My company uses Skype for Business for conference calls. I’m looking for a shortcut that grabs the URL from the calendar event, open the link to make the call via the Skype for Business app.

I’ve tried editing other Shortcuts, but have been unsuccessful.

I’m just playing around with Shortcuts in iOS 12 and built this (very!) simple shortcut, which looks like it works?

It doesn’t look like there’s any specific Skype For Business actions in iOS12 yet, but this Shortcut will pull the next event from a calendar, extract the first URL it finds in the notes section of the calendar event and then attempt to open it in Safari.

In the case of Skype For Business links (at least the ones my company issues), opening the link in iOS Safari will prompt you to open it in the Skype For Business app.

It’s only a simple Shortcut, so there’s no checking to see if the URL is valid, so it could certainly be improved there, but it might get you started.

This is great! Thank you!