Siri Shortcuts Applications 2.0 - Running List of Apps Supporting Siri Shortcuts

Hey Automators, originally started as a Running List of Apps That Supports Siri Shortcuts, I had run into a character limit and reached Reddit’s 5,000 character limit and no longer was able to publish the updates I was adding. So I took a few moments to research of a way that I can prevent this from happening again but also present it in a more fashionable way. So I present you all to…

Siri Shortcuts Applications 2.0

The recreated running list of apps that supports Siri Shortcuts & the Shortcuts App

Now in a much cleaner fashion. Rich with app icons, ability to search and filter and also now a way to receive notifications on when the list has been updated with something new.

• You can now view all the apps on the list, view by category as well as view by the most recent apps added within the last 7 days.


• You can now filter down to any specific categories of the App Store and view supported apps.


Search for specific apps by name and view the actions available.


• Now receive push notifications via the Slack App if you’d like to be in the know when new applications are added to the list. Just follow this link.


• And a really clean interface of app info cards.


Access the link here and if you’d like, add to your home screen for quick and easy access.

I am still in the process of migrating all of the apps listed in the original post, please bare with me to get them all over. And please, if you don’t see an app on the list that you know supports Siri Shortcuts, please post a comment here and I’ll be sure to add it to the list.


Awesome list. Thanks!

Thank you. Still a work in progress as I’m migrating the info from markdown in drafts over to the table. Should be done over the next two days.

Working with Matthew Cassinelli to speed up the workflow.