Siri Shortcut to import open Safari tabs into a new note in Bear

I’m looking for a Siri Shortcut that will allow me to import open tabs in Safari on my iPad Pro to a new note in Bear with links as to-dos.

Can anyone help me build such a Siri Shortcut? I’m a complete noob.

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I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure there currently does not exist a way to capture all safari tabs through shortcuts. You can only interact with the currently opened one.


Alright thanks, hopefully someone can prove you wrong :wink:

There’s nothing like that right now for Shortcuts - @dustinknopoff is spot on. Third party apps would also be a no go as it would be a personal data leak.

Closest I’ve seen was this discussion last year. You could maybe take advantage of your previous Safari tabs query on Mac to supplement this too?

But a pure iOS solution I think is off the cards right now.