Siri Shortcut Filtering on “all day events” in calendar

I would like to be able to copy my calendar events for a given day and send them by way of text to another person. Ideally I would filter them for just all day events. When I try to set this up and filter in this way it returns zeros’ and one’s. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Can you share the iCloud link to your shortcut here so we can see what you’re doing?

See if this helps:

It fetches the all day events for the current day, indicates if there are none, otherwise builds a list (including locations where available) of the events and then puts it into a message ready to send.

But it would be interesting to see how you’ve ended up with 1s & 0s in what you currently have, if you could share it as per Rosemary’s request.

Hope that helps.

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