Simple timer that notifies across devices?

the amount of time I’ve spent on this problem is embarrassing. I’m looking to do something very simple (I think), but I can’t figure out how to implement this:

I would like to automate a very simple 5 minute timer that, at the end of 5 minutes pushes a notification to both my iPhone and my iPad.

Here’s what I’m trying to do. I want to make a “break timer” for 5 minutes for when I’m working at the iPad. I would like to start the timer on the iPad via a shortcut. Be able to walk away from the iPad, then in 5 minutes get a notification that the break is over on my iPhone/Watch AND iPad.

I’ve tried using just a regular timer - but that timer remains local to iPad
I’ve tried using Just timers App: -same thing
I’ve tried scheduling a shortcut via Pushcut fo 5 mins and having a Pushcut notification across devices, but the problem is that i get a notification locally to run the shortcut on my iPad than only when it runs, will it notify across devices.

There has to be a simple and obvious way to do this, right? What am I missing?

How about a reminder with an alert?


Oh yeah, that could work.

I don’t use reminders, so i didn’t consider it. But it would alert across devices. And be a simpler solution than trying to implement through Pushcut.


I get it. I use them only in certain circumstances, mostly stuff like this and sharing lists with family members.