Show a text box prompt while waiting for dictation?

Is there a shortcut command ( or script) that can be used to display a text prompt on screen while Siri is waiting for the dictated input?


Text → Speak text (by Siri) {she is asking a question here}
Dictate → gets passed to Variable

While the dictation is getting input can there be a dialog box that displays some fixed text, requires no button to close, and disappears when the variable is created.

tldr; I need a window to remind me what I’m dictating

Thanks. Steve.

No. On the lock screen Siri will display consecutive pieces of information, but unlocked there isn’t anything like a status bar that I’ve seen. Everything is sequential.

Between Siri announcing the question and you starting & finishing dictation, the period is relatively short (0 to <60 seconds). If you are missing the question, you need to slow things down. Add a wait, use slower speech or introduce a loop where Siri verbally asks if you want the text repeated or if you are ready to start dictation of the answer to the question. If the question is too complex to hold in your head while dictating, then find a way to simplify it or break it down into multiple parts.

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Well that’s disappointing. Thanks for the explanation and tips though.
Perhaps that’s a suggestion they may add.