Shortcuts + Todoist

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to have a shortcut that creates 1 task (name to be given when creating the task) and many pre-define subtasks?

I know I can have a tempate, but would like to create the tasks/sub-tasks when runnig the shorcut.


I still don’t see anything in the ToDoist API documentation (or URL schemes for that matter) in regards to creating sub-tasks. It’s something I’ve seen people asking for online over at least the last couple of years and, unless I’ve overlooked something in their documentation (they do use at least subtask, sub task and sub-task interchangeably :pensive:), it doesn’t look like it is supported yet.

But you do note that templates would allow for such an option - though rather static rather than dynamic.

From my understanding, the templates seem to be CSV files. Perhaps if you used Shortcuts to dynamically build the CSV file, you could make a URL call to import that file into Todoist? I can see they have an API option to do it, but I’m not clear from their API docs how that file is uploaded - the example they provide doesn’t mean much to me unfortunately.

But importantly, maybe there’s a way to do it like this.

I don’t know if this is still relevant to you, but I found this question researching the same question you had and I found the ‘parent_id’ parameter in the Todoist-API documentation. This seems to be functionality to be able to create subtasks (every tasks which has a parent is a subtask).

Thanks. Need to check that. 2yrs later and I’m still trying to find a solution for this problem :grinning:

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Just saw this thread… I know I am super late to the party but… incase you are still trying to figure it out here is a Shortcut that creates a subtask in Todoist :slight_smile:

Also here is the relevant documentation