Shortcuts - organize library page?

Is there a way to organize the order in which Shortcuts appear on the screen? I would like a couple of translation shortcuts to appear at or near the top (at least temporarily) so I don’t have to scroll to find them while on vacation.

Yes! Just tap and hold on one until they start to wiggle. Then you can drag them wherever you want.

Thanks! I just figured that out.

Something else you could do is add them for the duration of your vacation to your home screen and/or to the Shortcuts widget, for even quicker access.

or create a shortcut to trigger those shortruts. from a menu action That would be one shortcut to priotize with an easy selection in the widget.

But then an extra tap to trigger each time you want to use one :pensive:

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Yep. Indeed… but I think it might save you “visual time” in the widget :slight_smile: