Shortcuts is crashing on me

Has anyone else experienced a lot of crashes in the released version of the Shortcuts app? For me, it seems to be after several executions of a Shortcut. At some point, I open the Shortcut to edit it, or I navigate to the library, or something fairly innocuous, and it crashes.

Yes. I’ve had quite a few when first opening the app after a while and selecting to create a new shortcut.

Happened on my iPad too when organizing my shortcuts (ie moving them around)

Yes. Many crash events. Also, very erratic behavior with deleted shortcuts reappearing after 5-30 seconds and constant seemingly random shortcut order changes. I think some weird synch stuff going on.

I have just completed a significant cleanup of my shortcuts. Eliminated dependency on colors (thanks to the posts on use of the emoji driven Launcher) and deleted many old workflows/shortcuts. The “returning deleted shortcuts” problem seems to not occur with newly created shortcuts (ie, shortcuts newly created in Shortcuts versus shortcuts that were brought over from Workflow).

I am still observing some random re-sorting of shortcuts. However, since I’m no longer dependent on order it’s less bothersome. — jay