Shortcuts: Get Oldest Note

Please. I try to create note with shortcut on apple ios note app. Everything is ok. I mange to to create note in Shortcut and put in the note screenshot and photo. But whan i try to put video it show me after i create the note only video without a sound. Please. Can you help me?

What do you mean when you try to put it into a video? What kind of video are you talking about here?

Can you share your Shortcut? I did this and I got sound in the video I played back in the note. Are you doing something different?

Also I assume you have your volume turned up and are not converting the video at any point to remove the Audio :wink:


I maybe confused you

I need shortcut that pull of the oldest note from apple note app

I am now create a note in siri shortcut on note app
The default app by apple
I create a note wiith video photo and screenshots

  1. Please i need shortcut that get the oldest shortcut in the note app and present it to me like i open note manually in the note app. That let me see the all stuff in the note i been create with the video
    And than i need after i premete that i stop view and waching the video in the note. That the app will delete the note itjust give me

Notes on iOS is quite limited with automation options. You can’t get the oldest note - only create a new one.

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Those shortcuts have another app that can do that?