Shortcuts for Audible

Has anyone come across shortcuts for Audible? Like start and stop playing

You can open the app using the usual action, but I’m not convinced there is any URL scheme, and I’m also not convinced Amazon is supporting Shortcuts actions yet.

I’m not an Audible subscriber, so can’t check, but I’m also guessing that the app isn’t giving any suggestions over to Siri.

I think the standard now playing action should work. If you start playing and just want to start/stop, that should work. The pause would always work I think as Audible would necessarily be active at the point you want to pause. Play however I think will revert back to a default of Music at some point when it times out for Audible. At least that’s behaviour I’ve seen with other audio apps previously.

Hope that helps.

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Good question. I’m new to Shortcuts, but I’d wondered the same thing. When I went into Shortcuts to add something, clicked the plus to add an action and started to type “Audible” nothing comes us. I took that to mean Shortcuts didn’t work with Audible at all (as is the case with almost every app I’ve tried to do something with).

Or is there another way to get shortcuts for apps?

Developers build in the compatibility.