Shortcuts crashes constantly

Since the last point update of iPad OS my shortcuts app crashes constantly. It is completely unusable at the moment. Any ideas on how to fix this? And is anyone experiencing the same issues?

First thing to try would be a device reboot.

Failing that, if you have another device, you could maybe consider backing up and removing all shortcuts, then once iPad has synced it would be starting “clean”. This is just a clutching at straws option as I guess it could be possible that the iPad could be hitting an issue trying to load an existing shortcut.

After that, given it is now built into the OS, I guess you can’t remove the app and the factory reset would be the “nuke it from orbit” approach.

I can’t think of anything in between. But if it turns out that there is a sub set of users that are having the same issue, then maybe it is something Apple would patch soon. In which case it may end up just being a waiting game.

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Thank you. I forgot to mention that I‘ve already done several reboots. No success. My iPad is the main issue, there Shortcuts crashes always immediately. On my iPhone it sometimes lasts several seconds but in the end it crashes nevertheless.