Shortcuts: Calendar is Read Only

Hi all,
I have an error message question.
I have a Shortcut that has been functioning well till now.
It’s a simple calendar event creator that uses a list to choose the event type.
It allocates the event to one of 4 calendars, all iCal calendars.
Suddenly I get an error message on one of the calendarsitems:”this calendar is read only”.

There have been no changes to the rules of this calendar. I have checked all the settings for the calendar and cannot make it work.

If I enter the event directly into Apple calendar, using the same calendar that is generating the error message, it works fine.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

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Try disabling Settings (App) > Privacy > Calendars > Shortcuts. When you next open the Shortcut you should see a prompt on the action to reauthorise access. Do that and see if the issue with the one iCal calendar persists.

Note if it were a Google calendar, there’s a known restriction on account access.

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thanks for the feedback, but all to no avail.
Unfortunately this is a shared calendar. On the other end the shortcut that the sharer uses is working. (Different to mine though.)
So deleting and restarting will possibly lose their appointments.


Sorry, I don’t follow. You do get that the settings I’m suggesting you try are for Shortcuts on a single device right? They have zero impact on anything other than the one app on the one device.

I understood, did what you said and calendar still ‘read only’
Thanks again


Are you sure someone didn’t just turn edit off by accident, so you can only share? That’s happened to me before.