Shortcuts Beta NFC Trigger

Hi all hope this is not a double post. Has anyone used shortcuts with an NFC tag? i bought a couple of NFC stickers and wrote a ndef message on one of them. Now i can get a NFC reader from the appstore to read em but not shortcuts. Anyone else had any success with this? Im currently on iphone X.

There’s a brief example at the start of this thread, then a discussion about reliability in the beta.

Thanks Sylumer, it seems they atleast can read the sticker/nfc, I cant. My suspicion is its because I use an iphone x and not a Xs…

@Tom_Bjornebark, yup, you’re right. Only the latest gen phones can read without explicit activation. I’m curious though if iOS 13 with the NFC based Shortcuts triggers will extend the functionality down to the older models or not.

I was hoping the same. Beta 2 just removed NFC triggers for devices without background tag reading.

Crud. That is all there is to say unfortunately.

Will digress a bit but out of curiosity are the Shortcuts NFC stickers promo materials for WWDC or is Apple actually going to sell these ($50/each? :rofl: )

I think that was the Shortcuts team promoting themselves :slight_smile:

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