Shortcuts Automations won’t trigger

I have a couple time based automations and one location based automation. I have only got them to trigger the notification a couple times after having them enabled for a couple months. I have tried all the topical resets: restarting, reinstalling shortcuts, disabling and re-enabling automations, etc. They are definitely not reliable. Any ideas?

And you’re sure that Do Not Disturb was not on when the triggers were supposed to fire? DND would suppress the notification from appearing.

Correct. DND was turned off. I did find that I had a System Services Location setting toggled off, which I re-enabled. I was able to get that location automation working one (1) time, but not since then. I tried using PushCut to trigger the same ShortCut, and PushCut is able to trigger, but not Apple’s own app (Shortcuts).

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