Shortcuts App Timing Out

I have a number of shortcuts that send me to other apps where I do something for 30 seconds or so. For example my “Evening” shortcut sends me to Omnifocus to review certain tasks. It usually takes me a minute at most. This always worked unless I spent a “long” time before going back to the shortcut. I use the “wait to return” script.

Since upgrading to ios13 my shortcuts have been quitting every time I am in another app triggered by a shortcut for about 10 seconds. It’s like iOS is deciding to not let Shortcuts run in the background for any reasonable length of time if I am in another app.

Could this be a bug or is it just the way it is now. Any workarounds?

This isn’t helpful really, as I really only have one that I use in a similar manner, but frequently it stops running when I swipe back. Thankfully, in my case, its the very last shortcut and is just deleting a photo, something easy enough to manually do when that happens. But I can at least confirm its not just you.

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