Shortcuts and emoji

Does anyone know if I can have an emoji in shortcuts? I’m looking to click on a menu then have it add a new event to my calendar, but I want an emoji in it.

Example I click ‘taxi :taxi::taxi::taxi::taxi::taxi:’ that’s what I want added to my calendar.

You almost certainly want a list, not a menu :slight_smile:

Try this:

And for a guide to lists, menus, and dictionaries try this:

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@RosemaryOrchard thanks for your help. It’s working perfect.

@RosemaryOrchard I’m having some trouble now with shortcuts. I have been working on this little by little but I’m having trouble.

I want to have a menu/list come up that asks me…

Enter a date

THEN pick one from a menu/list

Day 9-6
Night 6-9
Day 9-6 Special OT
Night 6-9 Special OT
Day 9-6 OT
Night 6-9 OT

Then I want so add it in an new event in my calendar.
But do I need a new event for each of the 8 options above?

The only events I want to add a time for is personal and taxi. All the other ones I want data entered already and just use it as a template.

This is a sample of what I tried so far. It’s just hard doing it on an iPhone cause I can’t see everything, cause the screen is small.

Either one event in each menu entry, or a dictionary like this (not fully tested):

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Thank you @RosemaryOrchard. I really appreciate all the help.

I can’t get the dictionary which I have a location in, to show up on the location in the calendar event.

Your earlier example doesn’t have any dictionary defined in it. Can you share what you have so we can take a look at where you are having trouble?

@sylumer I was just playing around with a dictionary trying to figure it out. I thought you could use a dictionary to fill in an event for calendars.

This is what i did.

I thought I could have it fill in name and location automatically, but I must be doing stuff wrong. Again I was just playing around trying to figure it out, I got a little bored at work and needed something to do.

I suspect this discussion is related to this post (in another thread):

@RosemaryOrchard I was playing around trying to have fun with this and doing random things with the dictionary. But what I was getting confused about is if I made a dictionary. Then I put dictionary in the calendar event space to fill it in , I couldn’t figure out why the information wasn’t showing up there.

I’ve moved these posts to the right thread then. It’s a dictionary of dictionaries - you have to make sure the keys are the same, or use a menu as I suggested earlier.

Well, interest level of job aside, the issue looks to be that you were accessing the entire dictionary object rather than a particular keyed value of the dictionary.

The point being in your original shortcut, you had named the keys in the dictionary the same as the labels in the calendar event (assuming no case sensitivity). What you actually need to do is specify the key against the dictionary object as the key vales are in effect arbitrarily assigned by the creator.

Here’s a revised version of your shortcut, and below’s a screenshot of it and you can see in the dictionary variable(s) used in the event fields.

To change/set the key just tap on the dictionary variable in the event and type it in.

Hope that helps.

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@sylumer it definitely helps me understand it better. I was having trouble understanding it, now I understand it better. Thanks