Shortcuts 2.1 Released

Apple has just publically released Shortcuts 2.1.

I’ve only just downloaded it, so haven’t had time to fully test it, but I can confirm that the bug in the “Get File” action for Dropbox has been resolved.

The bug was that you could specify an initial path in the action, but when Shortcuts opened up Dropbox, no files would be displayed. It worked in Workflow and also works fine for iCloud. It looks like this has been fixed in this version - at least my previously broken Shortcuts now work fine!

Also to note, there are additional time and weather actions now!


Dropbox fix is great news!:heart_eyes:

Flashlight is broken. Not that I use it anyway.

This is good for me also. I have a Yale camera so I’ve added sharing and then deletion of all files uploaded in Dropbox to my camera trigger recipe so that I don’t have to do it manually.