Shortcut to open random article in Instapaper

Does anyone know of a Shortcut that opens a random article in Instapaper?

I know it’s out there, cause I heard of it. I just can’t find it myself.

So I found the Shortcut but it’s broken. It crashed every time. Can someone help me fix it?

I suspect the reason it might fail for you is to do with the folders it is offering up.

I wrote a quick an simple shortcut to get items from Instapaper, pick a random one and then the tricky part - opening it.

Opening it in Safari is easy. Just open the URL. opening it in Instapaper; that seems to be impossible. I just can’t find any URL scheme construction that will allow Instapaper to open to a specific article. The shortcut you posted doesn’t do that and this is what you asked for :man_shrugging:t2:

If you set the random shake advanced setting, you can open Instapaper, shake your device and it’ll load a random article. but again that’s not a pure Shortcuts solution.

Are you 100% sure that opening an article in Instapaper from outside of Instapaper is currently possible?

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Not currently possible in either Instapaper or Pocket - any shortcuts for this open the article in safari so you have to search back in the app to mark as read!
I have asked the pocket team about shortcuts support so fingers crossed for future updates

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I definitely downloaded that Shortcut as it is, with the title: “Open a random article in Instapaper” so someone has made it and put it up somewhere (can’t remember where). But it must have worked at some point for that person. Obviously it doesn’t work anymore…

It would be an awesome Shortcut though. Ill rely on the shake feature for now