Shortcut to get future events on calendar

I work different shifts for the month, my wife never always remembers what shift. It’s all on a shared calendar. I was wondering does anyone else have an issue like this? And have a shortcut send her a text automatically every Monday or whatever day. What’s the best thing to do, a shortcut or is there something else I can use?

For a while, I needed to create kind of countdown calendar once a week — a list of upcoming events and the number of days to each. I got sick of doing the calculations by hand, and then having to check, and recheck, them for accuracy.

So I wrote a shortcut that got every event from a particular iOS calendar for the next year, and calculated the number of days to each. My shortcut then displayed the results with a QuickLook action.

It would be easy enough to adapt to look only at the next week, and the text in Drafts, or even Messages. Happy to try to adapt it if you get stuck.

Here’s the shortcut I used, modified to also put the text on the clipboard.

Calendar countdown shortcut

I’d post a long screenshot of it, but I can never remember how to do that.