Shortcut to copy items in date range from one calendar to another

Hi I would appreciate some help with creation of a Shortcut I’ve been wrestling with. I work across two work settings (hospital and university) which have separate Microsoft Office 365-based Exchange calendar systems. I need to share my diary with individuals with accounts in one domain but not the other. I keep almost all items in one calendar for sanity as it’s where the majority of my colleagues are based, but I was thinking of having a Shortcut run, say weekly, that would identify all items in Calendar A in the next for weeks and create duplicates of them in Calendar B. I have both calendars set up in Fantastical 3.

So far I’ve managed to get the shortcut to select all the items in Calendar A but don’t see how to

This example may help you with some ideas. I don’t normally post an un-tested example, but I am in this case as I don’t want to move things on my calendars!!

This should work… (fingers crossed)

Thanks will try this!