Shortcut or Scriptable to create new list in Reminders?

I see lots of creating new Reminders entry options, but cannot find anything that simply creates a new list in Reminders (with a name of my choosing, of course). Any pointers?

I think drafts can do this

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Drafts can indeed do this - reminders lists documentation.

Pythonista can do this too - reminders documentation.

I have and use Drafts, but I won’t be starting from Drafts most of the time. Can I pass the list name to drafts, have it create the list in Reminders, and then delete that entry in Drafts?

You can trigger an action drafts via the URL scheme and have it “Run a drafts action on the passed text without saving that text to a draft.”, so no need to delete any draft. No need to create one.

See runAction in Drafts URL schemes.

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Thank you for the pointers. I’ll play with this.