Shortcut for Fantastical and Drafts

I want to be able to easily stub out meeting notes in Drafts that are connected with events in Fantastical.

My idea is to create a Shortcut I can run from a Fantastical event to create a draft in Drafts and cross-link between them

The best way I can think to make it work is:

  1. Invoke Share from Fantastical event
  2. Choose a Shortcut
  3. The Shortcut creates a new Draft from a template with the title of the event and a link back to Fantastical
  4. Shortcut inserts permalink to the Draft in Note section of Fantastical event
    Requirement is to work on Mac and iOS

Is this even possible? An existing solution? Something that doesn’t even require automation?

Complications with the above solution:

  • Shortcuts’ text parsing is limited and cumbersome
  • From what I can tell, Fantastical offers no way to link to the event itself. If that isn’t possible I’d settle for a link to the date of the event
  • Given the above, I would need to figure out how to convert the Date format Fantastical uses
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