Shortcut behavior and flow issues

IPadOS Public Beta (2)

After many hours of failed attempts I have finally managed to create two shortcuts which get me part of the way to my goal. Shortcut 1 runs in a share sheet and takes an RSS feed URL and stores it in a JSON file on iCloud Drive. Shortcut 2 reads that file and pipes the list of feed URL’s into a ‘choose list’ and when selected, grabs the last 10 items from the feed and displays another ‘choose list’ - when you tap an item, that article opens in Safari.

I have two problems that, so far, have resisted solving:

1 - Shortcut 2 opens up the Shortcut app even when run from a widget, why?
2 - after reading the article in Safari, when I tap ‘Done’ I am taken back to the ‘My Shortcuts’ page, not the list that was open. How can I go back to the list?

  1. Maybe the RSS action can’t run in the widget. That’s the only explanation I can think of
  2. How long do you spend reading the article? After 5 minutes it is possible that the shortcut stopped running or the website needed too much memory that it stopped running…

Regarding no. 2, could it be that you are running the shortcut from the My Shortcuts page and you have completed your shortcut? You don’t mention anything about having your list selection steps in any sort of loop structure, so presumably after you have made your selection, the Safari window is opened and I’m wondering if that’s then simply last action in your shortcut and it simply ends.

Perhaps you could share some screenshots to confirm what you have configured.

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Yeah, I dont have a loop. I go from ‘get items from rss’ to ‘show webpage’

I was thinking that would create a ‘back to the list’ behavior automatically. Guess not!

Current flow: displays feed then list of articles in widget. When I tap an article, it then switches to the same list view in the shortcuts app. I have to tap again to open the link in safari

So I just had to put the “show web page” inside a “repeat with each” loop. That pulls me back to the list each time until i hit cancel.


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