Shortcut assistance request - timed message/notification

Hi, I’ve got a working shortcut to turn on Do Not Disturb Mode until the end of an event (meeting). I’d like to get a reminder at the end of the event so that I remember to turn the ringer back on. Is there a way to to this, ideally on the device, or alternatively through IFTTT or Zapier? Thanks!

You can use the “Add new reminder” Shortcuts action to do this.

Assuming you’re already using the event, you should be able to grab the end time and use that as the reminder time.

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Thanks, Kaitlin, for such a prompt reply! That looks like just what what I was looking for.

May I ask what the reason is for turning the ringer off/on, if you are using do not disturb with disabling at end of event, isn’t that already silencing calls, etc for the required duration?

Obviously I don’t know the use case for the original poster, but I’m guessing with the “allow calls from favourites” option or “allow repeated calls” options in DND there’s a chance your phone could still ring. :slight_smile:

Which as far as I know is the whole point of those settings for DnD. I guess you may want different things in different circumstances, but to me I think it makes sense globally - if you are making exceptions, then you make them otherwise not really a do on disturb situation. Right?

That’s right. I’m a physician, so I can’t block all calls. If I’m in a meeting, with the ringer turned off the phone will still vibrate, so I can be alerted discretely. I don’t want to be interrupted by every notification and text though, hence my need to use Do Not Disturb in those circumstances.


Ok I think I get the reasoning now. Thanks.

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