Sharing: rclone

I just came across a command line app called rclone.

The app can connect to many different online storage services and perform operations such as move, sync, copy etc… Work with Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon, Sftp and many others.

I was able to set up a job to move my daily backups of my DEVONThink database to OneDrive.

I don’t think I’ve heard this tool mentioned on either Automators or MacPowerUsers.


I use rClone to backup my Synology NAS. I prefer how it encrypts your data on the client before backing up to each cloud service. It also supports a lot of cloud services. Also checkout rCloneBrowser if you want a way to view the contents of your backups using a GUI tool. Also allows you to transfer individual files or folders without having to script it all on the command line for one off tasks.