Sharing data between Mac and iOS

I’m trying to reuse Jxa code between my Mac and my phone (I’m automating some API calls to Trello).
Specifically the data can be stored as a JSON object containing preconfigured API calls, object IDS and various keys and tokens). If I where running only on iOS, I’d use DataJar, but AFAIK I can’t grab the datajar data on my Mac, yes? Am I stuck storing the JSON object somewhere on my iCloud Drive?

Until you have a Mac that can run i*OS apps, or Simon creates a Mac/Catalyst version of Data Jar, yes. Technically you might be able to find the underlying database and query it, but at that point you would definitely just be making work for yourself.

Note, unlike other items, Data Jar will however store files natively in iCloud Drive.

Not stuck, but it is probably an easy option. You could use a variety of other wb services, local apps, etc. To store the JSON. It is just text after all.

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Thanks! I’ve expanded my scope a little bit (now trying my hand at automating Omnifocus) but still confused about the bests way to write/retrieve json, so I’ve created another question here: OmniAutomation / JXA - Storing JSON in iCloud to share between iOS and macOS