Setting up a location-based notification telling me that I have left the door open (Eve sensor)

This is really driving me crazy. For contextualization, apart from some light bulbs, I really have no experience with HomeKit, Shortcuts or Pushcut at all neither do I know what IFTTT or Raspberry Pi do, however I own many Apple Devices including a HomePod mini as my home hub. I recently bought an Eve window and door sensor (second gen, no Thread support) and want to set it up in a way that when I leave my apartment and I’ve left my balcony door open, it sends me a notification. I’ve searched the internet for solutions but I for my life cannot get it to work. I just want a notification, no HomeKit lights tunring on or alarming me or whatever. I am very open to using and paying for Pushcut (I have a trial right now) but I can just get the app to send me a location-based notification once I am a good hundred meters away from my apartment and I get the notification regardless of the fact that the door is opened or closed.

Pushcut experts, can you please help me out? Is this at all possible WITHOUT AN AUTOMATION SERVER since I don’t have a dedicated device that could be on at all times?