Set location for all reminders in a particular list?

Hi all

Automation newbie here.
I am wanting to try and start using reminders for my task lists after going through other options over the past few years. It looks to have improved a lot since I last checked it out.

I am wanting to try and have different lists and have a location automatically added each time a task is added or moved to that list.

So home task list would have my home as the location, work location for work task list, grocery store for the shopping list etc.

Can anyone help me with how I can automate this?

I frequently use Siri to add reminders and have managed to create a shortcut that moves them from the “landing list” to the correct list by looking for a keyword “personal”, “work” etc.

But then I really want to add a location to each task within each of those lists automatically.

Hope I’ve made sense!