Set iOS devices to DND from macOS

The macOS DND button just puts the mac to DND but not my iPhone and watch

This means I have to remember to set all of them to DND, which annoys me - I would love it if when I hit DND on macOS, it puts all devices into DND too

I figure there must be a way to control iOS from macOS but after looking into it doesn’t seem evident. Very possible I’m just dumb… but is there any way to hack this together with an integration app (Zapier, IFTTT, Integromat) or some script or whatever? Am I missing something?

If you are a member of CLUB MacStories, John Voorhees published an article in issue 259 (8 January 2021) of MacStories WEEKLY on controlling Mac DND when toggling DND on your iPhone. It appears that it is possible, but not straightforward.

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Could be done with keyboard maestro and a personal automation on your iPhone.

Have a personal automation detect DND is set to “on” or “off” whatever you need, and then run a shortcut going to a remote trigger url for KM

The macro for that trigger should then be able to toggle dnd on the mac.

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Such smart suggestions - really loving this community

Hi @emckillen, for my DND workflow I use the app Focus (Setapp subscription) under macOS. I have integrated this into a Keyboard Maestro macro.

When I use this macro a pushcut notification is also sent to my iPhone. With the help of the Pushcut Automation Server and a created Siri Shortcut my DND workflow is executed on the iPhone.

Here is an example video:

Of course, this also costs battery power on the iPhone. Therefore, it also works without activate Psuhcut Automation Server… you just need a touch more :wink:

Here is an example Video:

Unfortunately, I have not found another possibility than with the Pushcut app from @sliemeobn


Thanks for the solution and great screen caps - I’ll try that out!

BTW, what video screen capture software d’you use to make those?

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@emckillen I use the app ScreenFlow 9 for this. There I have also optimized my workflow with Keyboard Maestro macros.

Here are a few examples:

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