Sending email from a personal automation

I would just like to verify that it is NOT possible to have an email sent as part of a personal automation that is triggered from a locked state based on time of day(iOS 14). I have tried this and unless I am missing something it seems to put up a notification that still requires user intervention.

That’s funny I was working on the same thing today. It is not possible to automate sending an email with a locked screen. You get an email notification on the locked screen saying tap to run. And it will only run once the screen is unlocked. Sending a message is fully automated and will run with a locked screen. I also notice too that if you run an automation with a 3rd party action in your Shortcut like Scriptable it too won’t run with a locked screen and just shows a Scriptable notification to be tapped. I had to recreate the Shortcut using only Shortcut homegrown actions to make it fully automated. Hope that’s just a bug. I tested it out on IOS 14.2 beta 2 and got the same result. It just feels like they are not ready to let true automation go wild yet.

I just tested Data Jar and Tool Box Pro actions. They did work with sending a message on time of day automation. So it seems just Scriptable actions stop the automation.