Sending an Email - From Name and Signature on Monterey


I’m new to using shortcuts. I’ve written an automation that sends an email. I’m having 2 issues.

  1. It does not add my default signature when sending. - If I save as draft, I can select the signature, but of course I want this automated :slight_smile:

  2. When the recipient receives the email the sender from name is not the name on my email account, but the first part of my email address, which does not look very professional.

Any ideas on how to solve these?




  1. That doesn’t seem to be an option yet but can you paste your signature into the shortcut and append to the message?
  2. Have you tried setting the From field (under Show More)? You might need to write it in the form: "First Last" <name@domain.tld>

Thank you.

  1. This is what I have done, but my only niggle is that I have an image in my signature, which I don’t think I can pass in from the text field. However if you select ‘Save as draft’ then it’s pretty easy to select the email signature from inside the created draft email.

  2. There is not an option to write your own From field email address in the Show More Section. However it gave me an idea, and I created a text block in my shortcut in the manner you suggested “First Last” name@domain.tld then used Set Variable to save this to a variable. One option you do have in the From Field is to choose a variable and that worked!

  1. You could try adding some actions:
Encode [Image] with base64
Text: <img src="data:image/png;base64,[base64 Encoded]" /><p>Signature as HTML</p>
Make rich text from [Text]
  1. Nice work!