Sending a Text Message through a variable in Shortcuts

Can text message a person who is scheduled on a calendar? I have retrieved the persons name in a variable. I want the script to automatically look up the persons mobile cell number in my contacts and create the text message.

This example begins at the point you have a name as you noted you had already extracted that.


  1. If you have multiple contacts with identical names you would need to add a check and a way to review and select the right one that would apply for all cases. For example, deduplication by company, date of birth, city, etc.
  2. The message should default to using mobile, but you could extract that specifically should you encounter issues; I have never tested the behaviour extensively. It may also be necessary to apply a manual selection or preference if the contact has multiple appropriate devices - e.g. work and personal mobile.
  3. It is assumed the name specified is a first/last combination, no middle names, and matches the given names in the contacts app.
  4. The specification of the recipient is via a magic variable. To insert that you have to tap and hold on the recipient field in the message step.

Hope some of that helps.

That is perfect! Thank you so much!