Sending a task to Things from using Mail rules?

Has anyone cooked up a way to use flags in Mail on macOS to trigger a rule to send To-Dos to the Things inbox? I imagine it’s possible, but it seems like that would be doable, especially if it could be done in the background.

Mail-to-things is okay, but it seems like it’s better for mobile use and quickly taking care of something instead of a more robust action that I’d prefer on macOS.

I’m not adept at all with Apple Script, but I guess I could learn it if I needed to.

But what I imagine is this:

I see an email.
I flag it.
It sends to Things Inbox.
Things Inbox sees the email, and then I can handle it in there. (In some cases, it might just be easier to deal with it in the moment, but it’s something that’s on my mind).

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