Send customized data from the Iphone


Is there a way I can have a notification with an action to send customized data that will be input on the Iphone. We have a workflow with Integromat that sometime we need to validate and change the data manually, it would be great to have the notification with Pushcut and have different action to modify some information to this workflow and resume the Integromat scenario.

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I am not 100% sure I understand your question, but there is no “editor” inside Pushcut if that is what you are after.

However, you can of course pass the notification’s input data (eg: JSON dictionary) into a shortcut and perform any validation/editing in there - even with third-party apps it you want to.

You could then pass back the data to Integromat using a webhook trigger/“Get content from URL” action to continue the process.

At the moment it is not possible to call Pushcut “online actions” from Shortcuts directly, but this is a feature that will come with the full release of the Automation Server.

Thanks for your reply!

Basically, we simply need to receive an enotification with data (that’s ok, everythign works fine) but we didn’t find into action how we do an input fields to add data.

Let’s say we receive an notification and notice that the reference number of an specific order is not correct (sent from integromat) we wan’t to simply replace that reference number by typing in the notification action the correct number, is this possible, if yes, can you show me an example, I’ll be able to figure out by myself after.

Thanks again!

you could try the following:

  • from integromat, pass in the order number as ‘Input’ in the Pushcut notification
  • in Shortcuts, create a shortcut that takes an order number as input
  • in Pushcut, add this shortcut as a notification action, the input will be passed to the shortcut
  • the shortcut could ask you about “what do you want to change?” and deal with the user interaction
  • in integromat, create a scenario triggered by a http request that can apply the changes to the order
  • the shortcut can collect the necessary changes, and then call a webhook with JSON data to trigger integromat

if the order number is not enough, you can pass an entire JSON dictionary of order data as input in the notification (as longs as it is smaller than ~4 KB). In Shortcuts use “Get Dictionary From Input” to access all values.

Simon, what are/will be ‘Pushcut “online actions”’?

That is the current name for triggering integrations (Zapier, Integromat, Power Automate) from a notification action (or background action).

This will be ‘rebranded’ in a few weeks as “Server Actions” and will contain both Pushcut Automation Server and Integration actions.

Basically it means “if you trigger this, it will execute something on a server far away - not on your device”.

Thanks for your reply!

This is great… I was searching only inside Pushcut, that’s why I was not seing any possibility to “add data”…

Have a great day.

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Remember you probably need to percent encoded the data -especially if it has spaces in.

In the same context, if i make an api call (call a url to a pushcut server), and it includes a parameter (for example a required temperature for an AC command), how would i be able to read the input from the URL?

For example, consider this api call:
where 30 is the required temperature.

I want to be able to read the value 30 from within the shortcut.

How do i do that?

Try the input query parameter.

From within the shortcuts app? I can’t find anything like it…

The url executes a shortcut in my pushcut server and i need to get the url that was called from within the shortcut app so that i can forward the required temperature to the Mi Home app.

Pushcut can pass an input query string parameter to a shortcut. Then it is - in Shortcuts parlance - the input to the shortcut.

(I use this all the time to create Trello cards with specific text on them.)

But how do I do it? What step/action exactly should I put in the shortcut to read the input?.. I couldnt find anything suitable?

The input is a magic variable.



Without wishing to be condescending, I think you need to play with Shortcuts more, in particular how variables work. (I, too, need to play with Shortcuts more.)

Anyhow glad it worked for you.

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Yes, i’m pretty new, just trying to have fun with some home automation.

I’ve installed homebridge on a pi, and was having issues trying to get some existing xiaomi devices.
There are plugins to homebridge that are suppose to make it work, some of them do work and other don’t. But everything works if you do it with shortcuts, so i was looking for a way to make a shortcuts service and bumped into pushcut.