Selected gmail attachements automatically to iCloud folder?

I’m receiving receipts (pdfs) from several (ten, or so) services to my Gmail account monthly and would like to (naturally) automatically rename and save them to a certain folder in iCloud.

I have an iMac & usual tools like Dropbox, Hazel, Keyboard Maestro as well as IFTTT subscription. However, I noticed that IFTTT no longer has Gmail integration. Bummer!

What could be a suitable and simple enough workflow to get this done? Adding another app or service to my tool repertoire is not out of question.

Are you sure?

Accoding to IFTTT:

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Yes, that indicates that Gmail triggers were removed, but not Gmail actions. You cannot use Gmail as an “if”, but you can use it as a “that”.

i.e. There is Gmail integration, just not as much as there was.

For your scenario, could you use Gmail rules to forward to your IFTTT mail address to trigger a process? Given you seem to have IFTTT already?

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That is certainly a path worth following. Thank you for this piece of information!

Ideally, it would be very nice to have all rules and actions in one place - easier to manage and make changes. Does such a app or service exist?